This is such a bizarre story, and it takes quite a while to tell. But it is the story of a true miracle, and an explanation of what happened with Pixie's litter. 

I was soooooooo excited about having Casino's babies, as I wanted the eyes so badly from this boy.  We did not know that Casino was breeding, so we had no due-date for Pixie.  She did not get very big at all, so we figured she probably only had one or two babies.  Our best "guesstimation" was that she'd probably be due around the middle of January.  Monday of last week, it looked like she presented a "plug", but several hours later she began to pour a creamy discharge, which we knew must mean Pyometra. 

We rushed her to the vet's office and he palpated her, saying he could feel only ONE thing, and it was small like a walnut.  My vet also brought in his partner (a specialist in exotic animals) and he palpated her, and felt the same thing.  I figured that, what they were feeling, was a kitten that was being absorbed.  My vet wanted to spay her right away as she was full of pus, but then decided that he'd rather put her on strong antibiotics to kill some of the infection before spaying her.  This was Monday and he decided to spay her on Thursday.  Before spaying her, he wanted to make sure there were NO live kittens inside, although he and his partner could feel NOTHING but one small walnut sized mass (very tiny).  Because I was so upset, and wanted so badly a kitten from Casino, he decided to do an ultra-sound.  He also brought in his partner to also view the ultra-sound.  All three of us searched for thirty minutes, and could find NOTHING.... NO mass, NO walnut sized fetus, NO NOTHING, and there was NO heartbeat!  I just kept praying that any minute we might hear a heartbeat.  There was NOTHING on the ultra-sound.  I've had quite a few of these done over the years, and I could see nothing, and there was definitely NO heartbeat. 

The surgery was put off until Thursday to give my vet some time to get down the infection.  My vet is a great surgeon, and is one of my best friends.  He has a black assistant, that has worked in the clinic for 30 years.  Any time ANY of my cats have surgery, they KNOW that I will only allow this black man (his name is Lee) to assist, as this guy has the most miraculous hands of any person I know.  He and ONLY HE always assists with my c-sections, as this guy can bring breath back into kittens that have long been dead.  He's done so many surgeries that he could do them himself.  He's the "backbone" of my vet's clinic, and is well loved by everyone. 

Lee and my vet prepared Pixie for her surgery, and Lee got her hooked up to the heart machine.  Another vet at our clinic had an emergency surgery, so he sent for Lee.  I was NOT happy about him being gone for the surgery of my cat, and Dr. Gregory knew I was upset, but Lee was needed in another surgery room so they sent in another assistant to help us.  She's a very nice girl, and I like her a lot, but she is NO LEE!  I always observe all surgeries of my cats, and Lee is always with me, and is my "salvation".  He's so soothing and I trust HIM more so than my vet who, by the way, is a miraculous surgeon and does surgeries for clients from all over the United States.  

We proceeded with the surgery, and Dr. Gregory took out the uterus. One horn looked as though it had a NORMAL sized kitten in it, and I was so shocked. 
I asked the vet to cut it open and let's see, but he refused saying that he needed to go on with the surgery of Pixie, as she is Elizabeth's pet and she had put so much pressure on Dr. Gregory about getting her spayed as quickly as possible, and taking no chances on anything happening to her.  He also said to me that he knew how upset I was, and he did not want to see me cry.  He clamped off everything and proceeded with the surgery.  I kept staring at the horn, sitting on the table, and saying to the doctor that whatever was inside looked BIG.  He just laughed and said to let's concentrate on Pixie. 

After about 55 minutes, he had finished and what a great job he did!  Each stitch was done with perfection, which he is known for.  There had been so much infection inside Pixie, and even after all the antibiotics, there was much infection still left.  After all was finished, and Pixie was starting to already come out of the anesthesia, I asked him to cut open the horn as I wanted to see what color kitten Pixie had.  He didn't want to do it, but he did, and there lay the most beautiful cream male kitten I'd ever seen.  I just wanted to grab him up and try to get some air into him, but knew there was no need as there had been no heartbeat on the ultra-sound, and it had been over an hour by this time that the uterus and horns had been taken out and clamped off.  Dr. Gregory felt the kitten and said he was a bit "mooshi" and that he'd probably been dead since the previous Saturday or Sunday.  I made the statement that I wished Lee could see the kitten as Lee knew about the ultra-sound, and knew they could find nothing and hear no heartbeats, and I wanted HIM to see that the ultra-sound did NOT pick up this HUGE kitten, but Lee was still helping another vet with the emergency surgery.  The other assistant that had helped during the surgery took the kitten, wrapped him up, and threw him in the trash can.  This made me sooooooo mad, and my vet knew it as Lee always wraps my kittens up and places them in a box for me to take home if I should lose one.  He ordered Mindy to get the kitten OUT of the trash can and to leave it for Lee to "take care of".   

My vet gave Pixie some pain medicine and held her tightly (Lee usually does that) until she stopped shaking and then she was ready to go home.  She had a very strong antibiotic shot again and was sent home with pain meds and antibiotics. 
I was in tears when I left, mainly because my kitten was "thrown" in the trash can ( I think my vet really chewed that assistant out when I left) and I guess I was just in a very sad mood anyways.  Elizabeth and I brought Pixie home and got her snuggled into my bed, and I took a nap with her.  I had just gone to sleep when Elizabeth woke me up and said that the doctor wanted to see me immediately at the vet's office.  I thought maybe he was going to apologize again for the assistant who "threw" my kitten in the trash can, as he KNEW how upset I was about that. 

I got up, got dressed and sluggishly drove back to the vet's office, expecting to see the assistant begging for my forgiveness.  The girls up front told me Dr. Gregory was doing another surgery, but wanted to see me in the surgery room.  I walked to the back to find Dr. Gregory operating on a little black kitten........ my first thought was that this was a thrown away kitten, and that he had been maybe hit by a car and perhaps he wanted me to agree to "foster" this kitten.  The only thing he said to me was "there's something in that box over there on the counter that's hungry and if you don't want him, I'll take him as he's the first true miracle I've ever seen since I've practiced medicine. 

There in the box was the most gorgeous cream kitten....... MY KITTEN....the ONE that had been thrown in the trash can....... and he was crying his head off.  In walked Lee and he said to me, "You know I had to work on that kitten, even if he was dead"!  I was absolutely in dead shock!  This kitten was ALIVE.  All my vet could say was that this kitten being brought back to life was AGAINST medical science, and the only person that could tell me why would be GOD, as this kitten was a true miracle.  Lee said when he walked in the surgery room, he saw the kitten who was completely cold and stiff BUT saw that he was fully formed, so he grabbed the Dopram and gave him a shot in the heart!  Dr. Gregory said that he had never seen Lee work so hard as he gave the kitten mouth to mouth, and then slung and slung, and rubbed and rubbed.  Dr. Gregory AND Dr. Wylie told Lee that he was wasting his time, as there was NO way that kitten could be brought back to life, as he had been dead for several days now, but Lee kept on and on and on and then he got a "squeak"!  Dr. Gregory said that he almost had to stop his surgery as he got weak in his knees when he heard the squeak.  He thought he was hearing things, as there was NO way that kitten could be alive.  He had NO heartbeat on the ultra-sound which was observed by TWO specialists, he had been in a pus filled uterus for four or five days, AND he'd been clamped off from his mother and oxygen for almost an hour and a half! 

Well, folks, this baby is alive and well and he's BEAUTIFUL.  He's nursing his mother and he's also being fed every four hours around the clock.  His name is GODLEE named after the two who are responsible for his life.....God and Lee!  He's been the talk at the clinic since his rebirth, and my vet calls twice a day to check on him.  If he lives, he will stay with me forever, and ALL of his medical bills will be FREE for the rest of his life per ALL the vets at Wateree Animal clinic!  When you ask my vet about this kitten, all he will say is that he is a miracle kitty and that he defied all medical science.  He says the ONLY one who can give an explanation is the "man upstairs"!  I still get chills over this situation.  Anyways, please pray for this little bundle of joy.  He is the SPITTING image of his father and has the hugest head, the HUGEST eye slits, and the HUGEST feet of any kitten I've ever had.  He's a true blessing from "above"!